Transforming lives and communities with the life and presence of Jesus Christ

Looking Up…

…Every Day, For Life

We believe that life is best lived out of a deep relationship with God. When we think about Looking Up we have dreams around

  • Being a people who know and love God, and who live lives of passionate worship and prayer
  • Being a family set apart for Him, led by the Spirit, rooted in His Word, and committed to discovering and doing His will

As evangelicals we subscribe to a Statement of Faith as set out in the Evangelical Alliance (UK) Basis of Faith, shared by the vast majority of Evangelicals worldwide.

Loving All…

…With Everything We Have

We believe that life is best lived based on relationship, family and service to one another. When we think about Loving All we have dreams around

  • Being a family from whom the hurting and needy can find love, acceptance and healing
  • Releasing every person in the church into their gifting and calling, equipping each one to win and disciple others
  • Serving and transforming those communities in which we live and work and those in particular need

We’ve identified some of our more distinctive characteristics and commitments, which you can read here.

Reaching Out…

…To The World Around

We believe that we are called to make a difference by taking the love of God to those in our communities and beyond. When we think about Reaching Out we have dreams around

  • Seeing every person in Manchester reached with the message of the gospel
  • Being a church that influences every part of society
  • Sending out hundreds of people to plant churches in the UK and abroad
  • Seeing people added to the church every day