Transforming lives and communities with the life and presence of Jesus Christ


The programme has 4 strands to choose from:

The LifeKids intern will inspire a different future and alternative path for our kids by introducing them to Jesus.

Here at LifeChurch we have a thriving Kids’ ministry called LifeKids. We have 2 part-time kids pastors and an amazing and dedicated team of volunteers. Being the LifeKids intern will be hard work but will also be extremely fun and rewarding. You will have the chance to lead in many different areas, from our Sunday morning kids work, to our community kids clubs, to small group settings, assemblies and kids’ camp. The kids that we work with come from all sorts of backgrounds, and so your experience will be massively varied, and the skills you will acquire will put you in great stead for wherever your life will take you.

LifeKids is all about having fun, loving each child individually and introducing them to the God who loves them infinitely. We love having interns and seek to create a place where you can grow in character, faith and gifting.

The LifeYouth Internship is all about the next generation knowing Jesus – 16,000 young people in Trafford and over 1,200 within a 10min walk of the building. We need you!

LifeYouth is the youth work of LifeChurch Manchester and we are looking for someone who is up for getting alongside, empowering and training the next generation.

We are currently working in three parts of the city of Manchester with our mission teams to provide various youth programmes. We have small discipleship groups, open youth clubs on estates, worship meetings for young people and mission weeks.

If you became the LifeYouth Intern you would work with young people in all the different areas of the church. You would be part of the team and have opportunity to lead in your own right. It will be a year that would stretch you and is aimed to create personal growth, but you will be helping to reach the 16,000 young people in Trafford!

86,000 students in the city of Manchester. One life-changing Gospel to announce. Your life will never be the same!

Every year, over 86,000 students descend on the city of Manchester, from all different backgrounds and cultures. Statistics show that many students with church upbringings begin to stray within 6 hours of arriving. This is a growing problem, but also a fantastic opportunity for the church to reach out and support students. LifeChurch is out of the city centre, yet over the years has had a thriving student work simply because people want to come. We’re not just a lively charismatic service to attend but a loving family to belong to. Being a student intern would mean spending time in student areas such as Fallowfield and the City Centre building relationships and creating connections. Part of this exciting challenge involves co-ordinating Student Lunches, Midweek LifeGroups, Student Alphas, Mission Outreaches and social events. Being a student intern is a calling and a privilege and a chance to be empowered and equipped to see the transforming power of Jesus in the lives of many students.

Serving the church. Engaging the community, Valuing people. Shaping your future.

As a LifeCentre Intern you will have the opportunity to work with a dynamic team to deliver a quality service across the LifeCentre and LifeChurch. There will be lots of variety as you serve both the church family, the local community and the various ministries and mission teams through administration and practical tasks. The work will be exciting and rewarding as we seek to give you a wealth of experience in the workplace as well as stretch you spiritually, in your leadership potential and in your personal walk with God. This role is all about being servant-hearted with a desire to serve those around you in practical ways, giving value to every task and individual.

More Info...
  • The internship is full time, including half a day on a Sunday.
  • There may be opportunity for casual work at The LifeCentre to earn some pocket money.
  • If needed, we will provide board and lodgings with a church family free of charge
  • Regular theological training at USMM will underpin the year.
  • There will be an overseas mission trip included in the year.
  • The cost of the Internship will be £1,200 (at least half to be paid upfront initially), and this includes USMM fees and the mission trip.

To find out more information about the LifeChurch Internship Programme or to apply, please contact the church office.